#TRR Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Visit To

Kampung Orang Asli,

Pulau Indah

The unforeseen COVID-19 Pandemic

has put many low-income families in difficult times where food and basic daily necessities become a challenge.

TRR team visited the village in May'20 to handout food and necessities donation to the villagers.

Charity Visit To

PPR Kg Muhibbah,

Kuala Lumpur

Even in certain urban areas within city vicinity, we see low-income families and households affected as well. Due to the stop of operation by many businesses and lack of job opportunities, some households have faced financial issues to sustain even on daily needs.

The second movement by #TRRCAN, TRR members made a visit to Kg Muhibbah to provide food and basic necessities for the families in the neighbourhood.