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#TRR Leadership Team

Leadership means a lot to us.
They are the backbone to our success in Real Estate Industry.

Dato' (Dr) Nicholas Yap

Founder & Group Managing Director

Be it real estate or any industry. It will always be about the People.

We believe that great teams do great work, and in turn providing the best service to our clients.

At the same time, reinvesting back into our People has been the best decision yet.

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Datin Angel Got

Chief Operating Officer

Everyone wishes to receive support when he/she starts out in the real estate journey.

Little do people know, it is the Culture of Giving, that creates the supportive environment.

Here in TRR, we practice the giving culture up from Top Management down to our most junior agent.

Our Board of Directors
Associate Leaders

Paul Chen

TRR Branch Director - Puchong

“ Being a real estate agent, the journey is lonely and tiring as every month we start from zero.


Through the power of NMRE, I have managed to build a real estate empire with 700 members within 2 years. Our leaders are enjoying passive income up to six-figure per year. With TRR, everything is #Paulsible ”​



Kuchai Lama (HQ)


 Puchong (Branch) 

 Klang (Branch) 

 Ara D'sara (Branch) 

 Cheras (Branch) 

 Johor|Melaka (Branch) 

 Penang (Branch) 



 Kuching (Branch) 

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 Kota Kinabalu (Branch) 


Phnom Penh (Branch)

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